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Objective / Target Group

The Women’s Legal Advocate develops and delivers support services to women involved in the legal/justice system including criminal justice, victim support, child protection, landlord and tenancy issues, wellness court, and family legal matters.

Deadline For Applications

The Women’s Legal Advocate provides:

  • advocacy & support services
  • services that help clients in identifying and reaching their goals
  • assistance to support women in engaging with other services
  • training to clients and organizations on navigating the legal system.

The Women’s Legal Advocate also helps develop and maintain community partnerships and collaborative relationships that are integral to the success of the position


Women's Legal Advocate Intake Form

Women's Legal Advocate Consent Form

I, name above, authorize Shauna Clare, Women’s Legal Advocate of the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre, to provide and/or receive information to/from:

I understand that only the information I have consented to will be discussed.  Any further information will require my being re-contacted for consent.  I further understand that this Consent Form is valid for 365 days from the day of signing at which time if I am still involved with the Women’s Legal Advocate of the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre I will need to sign and date a new Consent Form.