Contact Info & Staff List


Skookum Jim™ Friendship Centre
3159 – 3rd Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1G1


Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm


(867) 633-7680


(867) 668-4460

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Staff List



Muhammad Mughal
Finance Director
867-633-7680 x 1002
Building Maintenance
Tracey Whalen
Administrative Assistant


After School Tutoring

Temira Vance
Manager, Youth Employment Centre
867-633-7680 x 1013


Prenatal Nutrition

Stephanie Asp
Coordinator, Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
867-633-7680 x 1004


Splintered Craft

Francis Thompson
Coordinator, Splintered Craft


Traditional Parenting

Charlotte Kane
Traditional Parent Program Coordinator
867-633-7680 x 1005
Jeremy Linville
Traditional Parenting Program Assistant
867-633-7680 x 1006


Traditional Sport and Keish Camps

Teagan Unterschute
Coordinator, Recreation
867-633-7680 x 1010


Training and Student Financial Services

Charlotte Kane
Training & Student Financial Services Coordinator
867-633-7680 x 1008


Women’s Legal Advocate


Youth Diversion and Family Support

Norma Germaine
Family Support Worker
867-633-7680 x 1011
Diversion Coordinator
867-633-7680 x 1011


Youth Emergency Shelter

Viola Papequash
Outreach Coordinator
Alyson Ryce
EAHOS Manager


Youth Employment Centre

Nikita Bailey
Case Coordinator
Temira Vance
Manager, Youth Employment Centre
867-633-7680 x 1013
Margaret Smith
Case Management Assistant
867-633-7680 x 1014


Youth Support Services

Genard Hermosa
Youth Support Worker
867-633-7680 x 1016